Create a network that would provide poor communities with funding and support from architects in order to build the needed infrastructure like schools.

Initially, our idea was to design, find funds and build a school in Ghana. We spent a long time discussing our incentives for doing it, but one of the biggest questions was - what does it all change in the end? Building a school, for a community that really needs it, is definitely a good thing. But what if it wasn't only one, but 10 or 100?
There are many communities in the developing world in need of schools and hospitals. There are many architect offices willing to donate their time and talent for a good cause and a bit of self-expression. And in the current climate, where big companies are trying to take their social responsibility, there is also enough of money for projects like these. What they all need are tangibles. We'd like to be the ones in the middle getting it all done.
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