Mentes Empreendedoras (Entrepreneurial Minds)
High School students become a generation of impact citizens solving local social challenges and develop autonomy proactivity and employability.

Mentes Empreendedoras fosters autonomy, pro-activity and wants to create a generation of impact citizens.
We work through 3 services:
1 – Cycle: We inspire and support high school students to implement their own ideas to improve their community. We create clubs in high schools, offer 7 presencial workshops and facilite this process through a mentor from our team or a leadership fellow.
2 – Leadership Fellows – offers university students and young executives a experiential learning leadership programe with social impact.
3 – Inspire your teacher – is a campaign that is an example of the impact citizenship we promote but also touches a dear cause, increase educational attainment through motivating teachers and raising students and parents awareness for this aspect.

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