The Center for Engaged Arts
Promote socially-engaged art as form of modern democratic participation through art events, podium discussions, and trainings.

The CEA will be a NGO (gUG) based in Berlin or Potsdam. It will obtain financial support from foundations, governments, and the crowd, but will also have own revenues (Zweckbetrieb) through sales of socially-engaged art on shirts, bags, posters. Founder Jess already runs an online shop (www.art-is-activism.com) which she plans to transfer into the gUG. The CEA will itself organise socially-engaged art events across Europe like exhibits, plays, and interaction art at festivals. For artists, politicians, and social movements it will offer evening discussions, workshops, blogs, and publications at a more abstract level on topics like ethics and goals of engaged art. At a later stage, the CEA aims to serve as a middleman in redistributing cultural funding to independent art projects.
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